Thursday, February 18, 2010

Community Time

We officially got our keys to our new condo on Saturday which was a huge blessing. And this Saturday, prayerfully we are going to move our stuff in and start getting settled in our new home. As a family we want to impact our neighbors and those around us for the gospel. We lived in Anaheim for almost three years and we barely talked to our neighbors and this time around we do not want to make the same mistake. So what to do...

I've actually been working on knowing our community for some time now. I've been taking my girls to story time at the Diamond Bar Library and I've noticed that the same people attend...which means I will have good opportunity to get to know these moms and build relationships with them. I've started with the two main people who run storytime, Ms. Julie and Ms. Carmen so I'm excited that the more I go the more I am able to impact them with the gospel.

Another step I am doing is attending the Walnut storytime since that library is way closer to our condo. I've gone twice but I've notice the same people as well so little by little and with a dash of intentionality I pray that God will be glorified. One evident blessing is that my girls are expose to other children their age so my little girl will have friends outside of our church family which is my desire as well.

and my last step that I have taken is taking my little girl to craft time at our local Michael's store. I want to expose her to art and my desire is that we are able to paint together since her daddy doesn't really do art. But also get to know the families who attend that. Also on another night I plan on attending their classes so I can expose myself to other adults who do not have kids who are my girls' age.

I know my family also want to do some little parties inviting our neighbors or just talking to them. We do not want to hide in our little condo that the Lord has blessed us with. We want to be involved in our church families' lives, at least those who live near us. I know we are already planning on dinner nights with some families who are near us. It is so easy to just stay inside and be comfortable, since everyone does it. It's so easy to just wave to your neighbors and be nice since that's easier than talking to them. It's so easy to be invisible, but should we? We want to shine in the darkness, we want to share the gospel through our words and deeds, and we want God to be glorified.

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The Zaportezas said...

congrats on the condo! i hope the moving goes well tomorrow. where is it?

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