Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A much needed R&R

I praise God so much for my loving husband who gave me a day off, sort of, this past Friday. We headed Santa Monica to visit my first relaxing moment in The Green Room.

There I was pampered with a lovely facial, oh it was soo nice. I seriously almost fell asleep while she massaged me and worked on my face. I've had facials before and believe me when I say, this place is amazing. Unfortunately if you make an appointment to see them, you will probably have to wait until May to see someone, it's a really small place. But it's sooo worth it.

Then after I was relaxed we headed to my friend Adrienne's salon, Salon Nesou. I decided to donate my hair again which meant cutting it all off. It's actually shorter than expected but it's okay. I was able to rest while my friend and I caught up with each other's lives and she chopped away. I've known her since high school and honestly she's the only person I trust with my hair since she totally knows my hair.

While my family waited for me, I was so impressed because my little girl was so calm and quiet watching her shows on our computer. My husband is so awesome, taking on watching the girls while I was able to rest and relax. The best part of it all...they were with me throughout the day. Although I tend to ask for "alone time" I really love when my "alone time" includes me family hee hee.

okay so my hair do...here it is!


Eleazar & Heather said...

Love it!!! You're a gorgeous gal inside and out, it was good to see you guys last week. Good job Caleb!

Lauren Manalili said...

It's cute!

krissamartinez said...

Yayy for a relaxing day. The hair looks good!

Iris said...

i was hoping you'd post a picture of your hair! it looks great! i think i'm going to try to grow mine out and donate it. i did that when i got married. after the wedding - chop!

helen said...

love the hair!!

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