Thursday, March 25, 2010

Potty Training

argh...I just hate it! We figured if we let her just wear underwear she'll want to go in the potty...but to our dismay she just pees while wearing her underwear. We tried doing the whole "every hour put her on the potty" but that back fires as well because for some reason she goes every half hour, so we try to catch it before she goes but we are always too late.

I don't know if she knows when she needs to pee. There are moments when she tells us she needs to pee so I know she knows, she just doesn't want to go...argh!!!


Michael said...

the glories of potty training, I heard somewhere it takes up to a year to train them

selle said...

aww...just be patient...she's just not ready yet. just put her back in diapers and wait till she initiates. she'll get there!

moonbaby said...

Yeah, I would just wait till she initiates (even if it's later than you would like ;) ) They train a lot faster when they're ready.

PJ Tibayan said...

HAHAHA! That's hilarious G. Thanks for sharing. Rock didn't get it until he was 3.

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