Thursday, June 24, 2010

growing up so fast

I can't believe my little baby girl is almost turning one. She grew up too fast and I know I'm going to miss her being my baby. But I praise the Lord on how He has sustained her life, sustained both of my girls' lives. My big girl is being so close to being a BIG GIRL. She's actually using the potty again and telling me when she needs to use the potty. It's a good thing we are blocked out from Dland, this is a good time to master the art of using the potty. Besides God sustaining my girls' lives, and helping my big girl master the potty, He has also been teaching me a lot about Him. Oh it's so easy to forget, to get yourself thinking like the world and become so discontent in life.

Last night I was thinking about different movies regarding real life situation, for instance, Schindler's List, Hotel Rwanda, and even Invisible Children. People were killed just because they were a certain race or color. Children were being kidnapped because they are the easy target. I couldn't image myself or my family living during those times or even being a child right now in Uganda. God didn't have to let my family live and grow up here in America where all I have to worry about for my girls are the perves...this made me humbled. God is so good to me and my family how can I complain.

My girls can be hard but they are truly blessings from God. And each day I pray that they will be learning more and more about Jesus. The other day my big girl started to sing "God is good, God is good, God is good." That truly brought joy to my heart because although she does not truly know what that means...she's learning the basics and hopefully she'll fully get it when she's bigger.

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moonbaby said...

I like your new set up. Your girls are so cute!

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