Thursday, July 8, 2010

A very long weekend...

So our weekend started on Thursday with my hubby only having a half day at work after selling our Mazda (Praise God it's gone). Where do you go when your whole family is free after 1pm? Well the Huntington Library in San Marino of course...especially when you have free tickets!!

Every first of the month the Huntington Library has this thing called Free Day where you can get free ticket...but only if you wake up before 9am the day the tickets go on 'sale.' And fortunately I was able to get tickets for July off we went. The last time we went was last year and our little baby was still a little baby so she didn't get to enjoy a lot of things, but she's a walking baby now so she was everywhere. (the pictures will show you.)

We didn't go into the museums this year since the girls were wet but we did enjoy the beautiful out doors. I had more pictures but for some reason it will not upload...oh well!

Diaper changing time so I had fun with little girl

sister love!

she decided to make her own pool.

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