Thursday, February 17, 2011

Family website

So I decided to start a family website where I can upload new pictures and videos for our family and friends to see. "But why, you have this" you might be thinking. Well this is more of a blog that I like to write about and highlight some great milestones and events that our family goes through, especially the girls since they grow up so fast. "What's the difference?" Well the website will be mostly pictures and videos...ya there will be a "journal" part but basically it will only be a little summary of our lives.

Enough with for our 4th year anniversary we decided to head to San Jose, why? Well because my cousins live out there so we had a place to stay and babysitters. This was our first time driving with the girls in a long road trip, so we didn't know what to expect. And after 4 hours of driving they were getting restless. They did not like it one bit which cause us to not like the drive as well but it was worth it. They love hanging out with their aunts and we love going to dinner without them. Oh it was so great...and I fell in love with Cara's Smores Cupcakes...oh I think this cupcake is way better than Sprinkles Red Velvet - ya I said it. It was a great weekend of relaxing, eating, and getting hurt. All in all we praise God for it.

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