Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Class

I remember taking a photo class in high school when I was a Junior and loving everything about it. We learned more than just taking pictures. We used 35mm back then (ya old school) and we learned out to transfer the film from the little canister to get it developed. Then we learned how to transfer it onto photo paper. It was really cool. I wish I still had a 35mm but then again I love my digital camera.

I also remembered how I wanted to be a photo-journalist one day, travel everywhere and take pictures of everything and get paid for it. But then I grew up and realized that I wouldn't be able to reach that dream. But no matter what the Lord still gave me a love for taking pictures; especially my children. But sometimes there are moments when I find myself taking pictures of everything and seeing the outcome of it and loving photography all over again. Here are some pictures from our trip to San Jose a couple of weeks ago.

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