Thursday, February 24, 2011


When we moved into our condo there was a little garden outside that was so pretty and well kept. I was worried that after a couple of months of me taking care of them, they would all die and wither away. Some have and some haven't, God is still growing me with this whole new art of planting. I was also surprised that I started enjoying the also grew my patience (since that has been my prayer). It takes a while for it to bear fruit, I water it and try to take care of it but no matter how much I want the fruits or veggie to grow I just have to wait.

Now that I'm attending to my plants I'm understanding the whole lesson about pruning, bearing fruits, etc. It's amazing to see how the Lord uses little plants to show me His grace and awesomeness.

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UnderTheSun said...

You should buy the tomato soup stuff... You and Caleb would like it!

I had to get another blog because i ran out of picture space :(

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