Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy Bug

It's been awhile since I updated this blog. It seems like I've been busy with so many things and going here and there that I can't find time to blog. My sister's wedding is coming around, which means my daughter's birthday is coming and my neice's birthday as well. And with all those lined up I find myself behind my sewing machine and trying to figure out all those DIY decorations. Not only that, but I find myself also heading to Dland most days since we will be blocked out soon for the summer so I'm trying to go before my pass is invalid. Weekends are usually filled with parties or different kinds of events which means all my crafting needs to happen during the week when the girls sleep (if they sleep)!

But it's also interesting this past month. The more I'm busy with things the more I find myself relying on His grace and understanding the gospel more. The more I find myself overwhelmed the more I find my joy in Christ because I know He is my peace. So I can't complain because through the fire He is refining me and helping me show my girls Christ and our sins.

Yesterday I was talking to my eldest about her sin against me and God (after I disciplined her and we prayed). I was trying to explain to her how she needs a Savior from her sins, and she informed me that she does not need a Savior. I wasn't heart-broken since she's only 3 and still does not understand gospel but I pray that the Lord will use her mommy and daddy to help her explain the gospel and that the Holy Spirit will open her eyes to the truth and replace her heart of stone to a heart of flesh. Oh how I pray for that everyday for my kids.

I can't believe my girls are growing up so fast...it's so funny how they love posing for the camera.

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