Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Being sick

For the past four days my little ones have been sick, both are coughing with a runny nose. And one has an ear infection. It's really hard giving them medicines because let's face it, they taste really nasty. But as I fight and struggle giving my little baby her meds, I find myself being thankful to God. Strange right. At first it was so easy to complain and grumble about how hard it was. But then I realized that this is only temporary...only 10 days and then that's it...no more meds. I know a mom who has to give her daughter meds everyday and not sure when its going to end.

When I look at my situation, this circumstance that I am I need to rejoice always. And I'm always encouraged by my friend who is trusting the Lord through everything even when it's hard. God is soo good. Meds or no meds I know through it all God is refining us to be more like Jesus.

Thank you friend for being an encouragement to me even though I haven't fully said it to you!

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