Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Going to the chapel...

okay maybe not a chapel but a lovely Clarke estate. The long awaited wedding finally came. After months of planning, making things, baking goodies, and just plain out being excited my dear little sister has finally joined the wifey club...and honestly the wait was worth it because God had in store a loving man name Kevin Gruezo. So now I have two brothers...okay I have 7 brothers because of my honey's family...but when I'll only have two when we are having a Villarin/Barrett/Gruezo hang out. Which also means more little feet should be coming (no she's not preggers yet). I don't get to see my other nieces and nephews that often since they are so far, but since the Gruezo family only lives in Claremont...yay for playdates! Enough chatting let's get down to business -- PICTURES!!!!!!

1 of the 5 flower girls - did a good job with walking on her own
2 of 5 flower girls -- didn't do so well, dada had to walk with her

oh that's me, the one that is NOT in the wedding dress
1 of 2 maids of honors -- she kept crying =)
2 of 2 maid of honors -- she said wouldn't cry during her speak but cried like a baby!
1 of 1 groom -- he was very relaxed and not nervous at all
1 of 1 bride -- very excited for her day finally here

ya I know there's not a lot of pictures...but next time I'm here I'll post more. Adios.

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Yes...it means girl said...

yay!! I have a picture for you from Kevin's mom. It's of Sabrina and Crystal walking down the aisle.

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