Saturday, July 16, 2011


A day without the girls, a day full of women, and a day being drenched of God's grace upon me = God is too good to an undeserving person like me. I was able to attend this years conference of women discipling women and can I just say...AWESOME!

Before I forget everything I have learned, let me just jot some thing down of what stuck out...

Serving Christ is NOT the primary's about God loving us through Jesus.

Throughout the different sessions and seminars I found my heart being humbled and convicted. God is truly amazing, He truly is loving but sadly we Christians have taken that truth for granted. We hear and memorize verses like John 3:16 and that truth does not melt our hearts any longer. We are so desensitize to it that we do not fully understand how beautiful that verse is. God, who is all knowing, all powerful, creator of all things, and sustaining of everything...loves me because of Jesus. We must not forget that last part...because if we just say "loves me" that can turn very self-centered and untrue. God loves us because we are hidden in's all because of Jesus who died and loved us even when we were haters of Him. Wow unbelievable is that. Why would He love me? Why would He save me from my sins and allow me to take His righteousness as my own? I don't know...because I am nothing, all my deeds are filthy rags and yet He loved me and chose me. AMAZING!!

I don't want to forget and lost sight of the Love of Christ, I don't want to forget that God loves me because of what Jesus has done on the cross. I don't want to take for granted His love...and what that means for my children and those around me. Oh Lord please help me to remember. Help my unbelief.

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My name is Frances said...

Awh man i wish I would have went to the conference :( I'll have to plan it next year for CrossView ladies.

Thanks for the reminders! Lets hang!!

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