Friday, September 9, 2011

1st full day of our trip

It's been an interesting vacation. First off we didn't sleep until 2am
here last night, time change is killing us and being stranded at the
airport for an hour didn't help. Well we had breakfast at our hotel,
I love free continental breakfast. Then off to Central Park. I thought
of so many movies while walking around. It was awesome!!!!

(Ya I have pictures but since I'm emailing this pictures have to wait.)

Central Park is so big and pretty. We walked so much, cause we got
lost inside, and we were trying to find the castle, but that didn't
happen. But we did find the museum from that movie "Night of the
Museum" and had some awesome gyros. We went inside for some time but
decided to leave to get some good dessert, COOKIES!!! From Lavine
Bakery- oh boy it was oh so Delicious!!!

Then off to take our first subway ride!!!! It was an experience. All I
could think about was that movie "Sliding Doors.". It was cool but
seriously if that was my main transportation I wouldn't enjoy it. We
decided to go back to the hotel to rest and nap. After a long needed
nap we headed to MOMA (had great Halal Guys for dinner) and Time
Square to see what that was all about. It was crowded and crazy.

While walking we saw and heard three or four fire trucks pass by. I
started to think about how it was 10 years ago. I wondered how it was
when people realized what was going on. We passed by a fire station
that lost some fire fighters on that day. I made myself remind myself
that even through a Terrible thing happened God is still gracious and

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