Saturday, September 10, 2011

Walking, walking, and more walking.

Today was our family day, so just the four of us with Julian and Melody, so we decided to see three spots. Started the day late since our little girl kept coughing last night and we were worried that she was sick and I didn't get any sleep. But after leaving the room about 12ish we headed to A Voce a nice Italian place for lunch. It was located right in front of central park and the food was decent. (quick tip when u see two prices on a dish make sure you ask what it stands for and not just assume).

After lunch we wanted to get some dessert so #1 on our list of dour things was go to Serendipity fir their delicious drinks (well so I was told). But after looking at the map we realized that FAO Swartz was on our way (#2 on our list).

We walked and walked until we reached our destination. Ya we passed by some subway entrance but we figured that walking was the best way.

Finally reached FAO and looked for "the big piano" from the movie Big. Our girls loved it, jumping hopping and straight out dancing. It was fun seeing them enjoy themselves. While looking around we found a huge peanut butter cup 1lbs and of course I wanted it but after hubby showed me it cost $23 bucks I decided to pass.

We left and continued our way to serendipity. By the time we got there our little girl fell asleep in her stroller and the wait time was an hour. So we decided to leave and start the adventure back to the hotel. This time we decided to look and see if we could use the subway and guess what...we could. We were relieved sine we both were tired and we walked pretty far from the hotel.

We never tried to go to our third spot (MET) so maybe before we leave we can go.

After resting at the hotel we decided to get some pizza, my cousin suggested 2 Bros Pizza and so off we went to find it and off we go walking again. We found it and was not impressed so we decided to see if we could have used the subway and of course there was a route.

We walked so much today that I can't feel my feet. So tomorrow I think we are going to check out the subway before we leave the room!!

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