Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hong Wedding

Earlier this month we witnessed our dear friends Alex & Helen unite as one at a very vintage theme wedding.  My two girls and hubby were part of the wedding, and it was relaxing to sit with the guest without any responsibilities but to capture the memories through the lenses.  It was a beautiful wedding, great company, and awesome food.  The Bride was stunning walking down the aisle with her parents (an answered prayer) and watching the groom "attack" the bride as he gives her a kiss.  All in all it was a God glorifying day.  My favorite part was the groom's brother's speech...why? Well it wasn't a great speech or very touching but one thing that I was so amazed about it was, he saw Christ in their relationship, in their interaction with each other, and their love for Him and each other.  Now that was awesome since he is not a believer.  It reminded me that people really do watch what we say, do and profess.

Here are some pictures that I took at the wedding...enjoy:

 The two of four flower girls

 I loved their decorations

 I loved their venue

 I loved their little details

 I love their bible bearer

 The beautiful bride

 The beautiful evening

and lastly the beautiful couple.

we love you Hong family!!

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frances Tibayan said...

Our kids had so much fun together! Similar to when me, you, PJ and Caleb are together hahaha! Bunch of nerds :)

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