Friday, March 16, 2012


When we first got married 5 years ago we lived far away from a lot of people we know, which meant not a lot of people came over to visit.  Then after 3 years we decided to move closer to our gospel community which meant more people coming over.  At first it was very difficult to allow people to come over.  I just saw all the mess I had to clean up, all the preparation I had to do beforehand, and then cleaning up after everyone left.  It was something I had to really learn how to let go.  I wanted a small house so I wouldn't have to clean so much, but having two toddlers, a youth group, and a gospel community...our small house seems so big.  But the more I'm understanding that God gave us this house for His Kingdom the more I am willing and wanting to have people over.  Then I remember how it was when I didn't have a house of my own, I would always hang out at other people's houses feeling very, well "home."  I wasn't embarrassed to open their fridge to see what food I could eat, wasn't bothered if I took a nap on the church family taught me what it meant to be hospitable.

Different people would open their house for everything, and it seemed like there was always a mess left behind after the function but I would never hear a complain or grumbling about it.  Their house was always open no matter if it was a last minute hang out.  And I want that for my home, I know I still have a little tendency to say "no" but I'm growing in grace with it.  I want our house to be the house that the girls bring their friends over, where I get to know their friends and their parents.  I want our house where Jesus use to serve others and let others know about Himself.  I want our house to glorify God.

Eventually my girls will get bigger and start going to school...I want them to be comfortable and confident that they can invite their friends and know that I am completely okay with it.  I want them to learn what it means to be hospitable through my actions and I want them to understand that we should always use our homes to make Jesus known.


krissamartinez said...

that's awesome G! I remember my mom and dad always opening their house to having all of our friends over. even if it was late at night to watch the laker games. or just to hang out and eat. It's encouraging to read that you want your kids to know that feeling too! so when can i come over?!? haha :)

Gen said...

Come to our next wine & cheese party!!! Or anytime ;)

krissamartinez said...

OOoh. Wine and cheese. I love cheese!

frances Tibayan said...

I totally know what you mean. Our little place is the church hub so I have that same war going on in my heart. God is definitely kind in giving us little places to use for his glory :) Thanks for the reminder G!

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