Monday, April 16, 2012

Just try, what do you have to lose

I'm not usually the person who will contact customer service to complain about something.  Or go to the manager of a restaurant to express our dissatisfaction about our service.  I'm usually scared of talking to "authority" and if something goes wrong or I don't like something I usually just deal with it and move on.  But I'm learning that a little complain (when reasonable) doesn't really hurt...and I also express my appreciation of great services.  So with that said here is my story...

I got my very first TOMs two Christmas ago from my sister (woohoo).  I was very excited since I've heard so many people talk about how comfortable they are.  And they were, being a stay-at-home mom they were the best pair of shoe that went with everything in my closet and were oh so comfortable for walking around Disneyland, grocery stores, and other little mundane places a mom would go to with her two toddlers.  So you must understand how devastated and sadden when I realized (after 8-9months) of wearing them I saw holes showing up.  At first I was oh well, I guess I'll start wearing other shoes...but after a while I was like "wait I thought they were durable and should have lasted at least a year."  Then life got busy and busy and I forgot all about my broken TOMs shoes in the corner with holes.

So after a couple of months I finally decided to contact TOMs and see where that will lead me.  I talked to the manager of where my sister got the TOMs but of course they couldn't replace my shoes because their return policy.  And so I did a live chat and started asking the person if their shoes were durable and fit for stay-at-home moms.  And of course he/she said yes and so I explained how mine has holes already...and guess what he gave me an email address to contact and to explain my situation (along with proof of purchase and pictures) and someone should contact me regarding my situation.

And today I received their reply...THEY ARE SENDING ME A NEW PAIR!!! ya Praise God!!!

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