Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Seattle adventures

Going on trips with two little kids is always interesting. We can't go everywhere we choose to since we are not sure how they will enjoy it. So we try to do "family" things...which means trying new places to eat. Yay boo on my diet, but hey I'm on vacation so it's ok right?

So basically the first day in Seattle consisted of eating.

First food place was a pizza place my friend suggested: Serious Pie. Pizza was good but over priced. The crust was way to thin for me but the toppings was delicious.

After lunch what should normal ppl do...go have some desserts. So we went to the second place my friend suggested: Le Panier. Macarons were good, I'm inspired to try to make pistachio ones now. I wasn't to impressed but it was still yummy to my tummy.

Ok I'm tired now so signing off. Happy travels everyone.

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Michael said...

april 3rd... impressive

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