Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day two in Italy

We decided to leave Rome and explore the different parts of Italy via car (Rome has a lot of crazy drivers) until we reached our desires destination Siena. Here's the rental we have which Mr. Barrett loves to drive. 

The roads in Italy is all zig zags which can cause ppl motion sickness and they have these stupid roundabouts everywhere. Good think I don't know how to drive a manual well or you would be seeing me with my Italian road rage. 

The countryside of Italy is breath taking with a lots of fields, old buildings and trees. I took a lot with my real camera since my phone was our navigation. After driving for about 2 hours we decided to stop at a random town and it had this huge lake. It was sooo peaceful. 

After our stretch we got back into the car and headed to another little town because Mr. Barrett knew it was an old town named Arezzo. 

It was beautiful especially all the old buildings. 

But what it more amazing was this random little Italian restuarant that the waitress only spoke in Italian. All we could do was nod and smile but she got our order right and it was perfecto!!!

We finally left Arezzo and headed to our little apartment away from home in Siena. Until tomorrow Ciao!!

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