Monday, February 17, 2014

First full day in Rome...

I can't believe I'm in Rome, Italy. All Sunday we were traveling from a 10 hour flight from LAX to London. Let me tell you I do not like flying for that long. We couldn't sleep well since we only had a chair and not a bed. Then we finally land to London around 1pm and had to wait in the airport for about 5 hours until out flight to Rome, which was only a 2 hour flight. So we didn't get here until 10 but by the time we got our luggage, took a train, and walked to our was already 1130pm. We finally slept on a real bed and rested our body. 

We didn't wake up today until 130pm, ya we slept in, ok me and the girls. We got ready and started our adventure with the sun shining and God gave us a beautiful day to explore. 

He headed to the Colosseum which was about a 22 min walk. My first impression of Rome is that there is a lot of graffiti on the walls.  I don't know if they think it's art but it didn't bring out the beauty of Rome. We ended up getting some great sandwiches on the way which was delicious but the dessert (cookie) was ok. 

The Colosseum was breathe taking. It's crazy to think how old this place was and how so many ppl died inside for entertainment purposes. 


After they closed we headed to the Trevi Fountain which was 17 mins away. On the way we saw more amazing places. I started to see the beauty of Rome as the sun set. 

We finally find the Trevi fountain and since it's a very popular place it was of course packed. 

We were all tired and wanted to go back to the hotel. But before we did we had dinner at this place and the pasta was interesting. 

But after dinner we finally had gelato from Italy and it was amazing!!!!!

We started our walk back to the hotel which was a 30 min walk. Yes my feet are hurting and the girls were complaining. Good thing we brought out strollers. We had a lovely evening walk which caused us to see more of Rome's beauty. 

Today was a good day. My patience was trying and being thankful in everything was difficult but God was very gracious to us. Tomorrow we plan to go to Tuscany. I guess we will see how driving in Italy will be like. 

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