Friday, May 23, 2014

Sin is not individualistic

For a while now I've been seeing how sin is very destructive and hurtful. But many times ppl think that sin is only on an individualistic realm where it's only going to affect the person who is sinning. Unfortunately this is not true. Sin affects so many ppl around that person. It destroys relationships, destroys trust, and destroys ppl. Sometimes when we sin we think that "I'm sinning so it's my problem" without any regards to who will be affected because we think only on a self level. Yes God will discipline the believer individually but the affects are felt towards other ppl. 

For instance when Eve sinned. It was her decision to take the fruit, her decision to listen to the serpent, and her decision to eat the fruit. But guess what; soooo many ppl got affected by her sin. Adam followed her into sin, the woman race got curse because of her sin. Was she thinking about how her sinful actions will affect and be destructive to other ppl...I don't think so. 

Another instance was when David sinned before God with Bathsheba. His one selfish act to have another man's wife affected so any ppl...a nation. It killed the husband and destroyed the nation. 

When we sin we forget that we are not on our own island. The things that we so affect other ppl. We sin against God and we hurt and sin against other ppl. It's very foolish to think our "personal" sins will stay many families get hurt bc of these personal sins. So many lives get shaken. God called out a ppl group, His church is a family and to think that a person sins will only affect that person is very very foolish. 

My heart hurts when ppl sin. It hurts when i see how it hurts other ppl but I know God is soveriegn and He is good. Through the fire we are being refined. I pray that I stop being foolish and realize that my secret personal sins will hurt other ppl bc we are all His ppl group. 

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