Tuesday, July 29, 2014

6th and final day in Oahu

We have come to the end of #barrettsinHawaii2014 and honestly I'm ready to go home. I love being on vacation with my family but let's just say the key word for the week was "sanctification."  I love being more like Jesus through the different situations He gives us but after 6 days of straight rebukes and sanctifying moments I need a break. I also miss vbs which started today. It's funny because this year I didn't know if I wanted to serve on vbs staff and here I am missing being there and serving. God is awesome, He knows what we need and if He gave me what I wanted "not to serve" He knew I truly didn't want that. Anyway back to our last day, which we thought would be restful and in eventful, turned out to be still restful but eventful. 

First we tried Hanauma Bay once again since the girls woke up earlier than normal but as we arrived at 9am the parking lot was full so we drove passed it and ended up at a scenic lookout. And if you know my husband he's a bit adventurous and hates signs that say "no adventure." So him and the girls explored. 

Then we headed to Makapu'u Beach Park. Before we went to the beach we wanted to explore the rocks a bit. 

Then we played at the beach. 

The girls started to get hangry so we headed to Cinnamon's Restuarant which was super yummy. They have this Guava Chiffon Pancake that's killer. After lunch we decided to give Hanauma Bay another shot since it was on the way home and Praise Jesus the parking lot was open. So we finally explored, played, and snorkeled at the one place we tried three times to go to. 

That's the girls near a sleeping sea lion. 

It was a beautiful day and we ended the day with dinner at the one place I fell in love with when we came two years ago, thanks Tibayan 3 for showing us this place. 

At Uncle's Market and Grill. 

So this concludes our trip in Hawaii the girls are sleeping now, hubby is showering and I need to finish packing for our flight tomorrow. It's amazing how undeserving ppl like us get to enjoy so much of God and His blessings. Living in LA we don't get to see too much of God's creation but when we do...it blows my mind to know that He created this and yet He is mindful of me. We get home late Tuesday then VBS for the week then repack for our last mini vacation with our community family then school. Wow where did summer go. 

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