Monday, July 28, 2014

5th...our vacation is coming to an end.

We wanted to surprise our girls by going to Aulani Disney Resort and have the Character buffet, so last night I reserved out spot for dinner told the girls we had a surprise and went to bed. At about 4:30am I realized that the character buffet was only for the breakfast buffet so I had to cancel our reservation but sadly all the breakfast spots were taken. I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to tell the girls we didn't have a surprise. 

7:00am comes around and my baby girl jumps on our bed and tells me how she woke up early because she couldn't wait to see their surprise from us. Oh my heart melted...what can I say to her. How can I disappoint her? So I turned to hubby who was still sleeping and asked "let's just go to Dole Plantation and ride on the train?"  My girls love the train. So we decided to drive over there even though that wasn't on out agenda and guess what...the girls loved it. 

We came here two years ago but the girls were only 3 years old and 20 months so they didn't really remember anything. So to them it was their first visit. 

We decided to team up and compete against each other to see who can get all stamps and finish the maze. Of course hubby and K won, I got a bit lost. 

Then we went on the Pineapple Express. 

Of course we had to end the day at the beach. This is Kohola Lagoon, right outside of Aulani. It was a nice and calm beach but a bit crowded. 

For Frances, playing whale (I think). 

So far God has been blessing us above and beyond. 

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