Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A day of Rest

The weekends are usually jammed pack with so many different activities and events. Although the weekends are suppose to be when you get your rest, for the Barrett family this is not so. It's rare when we have nothing to do, but since we have about 2 months left on our own, it's always filled with so many different things. The weekends usually come and go and then Monday hits and we are both back to work; no time to rest or relax. But praise God for these random holidays.

Labor day was such a nice day, we got to sleep in and wake up whenever we wanted knowing that we had no plans for the day. We did have our own little family agenda for the day (put up paintings, go grocery shopping, go to costco, etc.) but we both knew that if we didn't get them done today then we wouldn't worry about them. Since it's been super hot these past days, being pregnant hasn't been the easiest condition to be in. So we've been sleeping in the living room where our AC unit is located. We left the AC unit on as we stayed home for most of the day. Did you hear that...STAYED HOME! That's unheard of but it was such a praise.

Although we did have some trials with each other, God was and is very gracious with sinners like us to help us see our sins and help us to continue to glorify HIm. We finally left the house around 5pm and ate dinner. After dinner we went to this little cute yogurt place that his co-worker told him about. It's super cute, they only have 4 flavors but oh so good. We stayed there chilling (literally because they had AC) and watched the food channel. Then we did our devotion together there, he read Philippians 4 to me and he said that we got so many different looks as he read. It was a cool experience.

"oh sooo good"
after that we ended up going home and resting for the night. He was on the computer doing our budget and I was watching the news (yes I'm a nerd I like the news). And the day ended with us sleeping once again in the leaving room. What a wonderful relaxing day, I thank my God for being oh so gracious to us!


selle said...

i love frozen yogurt!!

Yes...it means girl said...

mmm..that looks good and healthy! Maybe when I go and visit you guys we can go there!


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