Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ladies' night!

Sometimes being married is hard for me, not because of the trials or hardship we have as a family, but because I miss my friends. I remember when I was single I was always trying to hang out with friends but now that I'm married everything has changed. Not because I'm forbidden to hang out, but because there's another person to consider and I'm married. But I praise God for how the Lord has changed my status and I will always have a companion to do things with. But I do miss my girlfriends and God blessed me with one evening with them.

Some people say that when you are in college you will meet your best friends in life...and I will attest to how that statement is true. I love these girls, and more. They have been there throughout so many trials I've been through and I miss living with them too. Late nights watching shows we have taped, laughing at stupid things, trying to make a dance routine during finals week, and so much more. Those were good times and I'm so blessed that these ladies are believers and so we will always have a special bond with one another.

Although we all have moved on with our lives we manage to keep in touch and even meet. We try and try to come up with a date that will work best with everyone and many times this process takes forever...but God would be gracious with us and give a date that we are all free. Thank you Lord!!! I'm grateful that even when we don't see each other often we can meet up with one another and pick up where we left off. I don't feel awkward with them and it always feel like there is not break period. I pray that the Lord continues to grow our friendship and continue to keep us in touch. I treasure their friendship and more importantly I treasure God more because He has blessed me with these friendships.

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