Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh how I love my hubby!

I finished reading a blog about a girlfriend who is completely devoted to her boyfriend that was in a car accident leaving him in a coma (the blog with the name "ian"). He was suppose to propose to her at the end of that year but God had other plans and now he is recovering from his accident and coma. He doesn't talk much, doesn't do much but she is there faithful to him and to Him. They don't do a lot of "normal" couple things because of his condition, but seeing her devotion and love for him encourages and rebukes me.

I know my husband is not perfect; he has sin, faults, and things that annoy me. But throughout the months of our marriage I've also seen how much God has been growing him and using him in my life to point me to Christ. There are times when we get into nasty disagreement and all I want to do is not talk to him, look at him, or be in the same room with him (yes that's my sins) but yet he pursues me and makes us talk things out. It is those moments in our relationships that I see God most glorified. During those moments he could sinfully respond to me and walk away; but he shows me Christ by pursuing me even when I don't want to be near him. God has definitely been showing my sins in this marriage, He has been sanctifying me, He has been breaking my pride. And I'm grateful that he's my husband standing next to me through it all. God is so gracious and I'm thankful so much.

I enjoy my time with him; we laugh about the most random things. He sees me do the most random things and he always gives me that face "what are you doing" and all I could do is smile at him because I wouldn't have an answer. I enjoy making him laugh with my words or actions. It's so funny when he gets excited about the most littlest things. I enjoy him explaining things to me even though I have no idea what he's talking about. But his excitement about that particular subject is contagious. I laugh at him when he gets all heated up for small things, or when he gets all thrilled by chasing the flies in our house and killing them. Sometimes I see a little boy enjoying the little things in life; and there are times when I see a man enjoying the little things in life. And then there are moments when I see my husband enjoying the little things in life and that makes me happy. I know he's not perfect, I know he gets me mad at times, and I know there are sins in his life that he needs to deal with...but no matter what he's my husband and the father of our daughter. I love the fact that I can say that.

Reading that blog made me realize how much I do take him for granted. Reading that blog made me realize how much I'm not thankful for him. I sometimes watch him sleep at night, and I see God's goodness in my life. I have a wonderful husband sleeping next to me, not because he has to but because he wants to. I see God's mercy in my life because I see a wonderful husband that I do not deserve. I see God's graciousness in my life because we are still married and working on our marriage. We don't want to give up even though we both know that's probably the easiest way to deal with our problems. I see God's love in my life because I have a husband to always tries to exemplifies His love to me through his servant heart, attitude, and action.

* All the pictures are from our honeymoon in Lake Tahoe and Napa Valley.

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krissamartinez said...

i love how honest you are. i miss you soo much!! let's talk sometime soon!

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