Friday, September 14, 2007

A Night Under the Stars

Last summer we went together as an engaged couple. And this summer we went together as a newly married couple and hopefully next summer there will be three of us going. God definitely blessed us with another awesome Date Night enjoying His creation and His glory through the LA Phil Orchestra.

Our adventure started with us going to Trader Joes to buy some healthy food for dinner. I wasn't feeling anything I saw but I knew that I didn't want to spend any money over there, so I grabbed something and we left. Next on our agenda list was to find the Downey Green Line Metro and hitch a bus ride to the Hollywood Bowl. I specifically enjoyed that 30 minute ride because (1) he didn't have to drive all the way to Hollywood after work and (2) we were able to relax with one another and talk. The bus was not at all full, only three passengers and this included us, so it was nice to have alone time.

Finally we arrived and since I didn't enjoy my dinner very well, an egg sandwich, I wanted to head to the refreshment stand and that is where I saw it...HOT DOG. Oh I knew I had to have it and so after eating half the salad that we got, I headed over to get myself a Hot Dog...oh it was sooo good!

One thing about my husband that I know for a fact is, when there is FREE wine tasting you will see him there with a glass drinking it up (don't worry he didn't get drunk). After he finished his wine we headed to our seats and there we were able to relax once again and enjoy the evening listening to awesome talented people playing their instruments. I was able to see God's glory through how these talented people were able to play their instruments so well. Their fingers were moving like crazy and I was like "wow God created those hands." I praise God that during our evening together I was able to see God and praise Him and thank Him for who He is.

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rubyellen said...

That place is such a lovely venue...and yes don't ever drive there yourself...Praise God for the hands and talent He gives the musicians!!! Sounds like an enjoyable evening...I can't wait to see Dave in 2 weeks!!!

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