Thursday, January 12, 2012

I take a lot of things...

for granted.  I think for the past couple of years my life hasn't been where it should be.  I find myself just watching my life but not really engaging in my life (does that make sense).  There are so many things that I know are blessings that the Lord has given me that I completely do not deserve but yet I do not appreciate it.  God gives me little reminders on how much I have and at those moments of remembrance I am thankful...and then it disappears...vanishes like vapor.  Then I go back to how I've been for a while.

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UnderTheSun said...

I take a lot of things for granted too!

Right now I just feel "thin." A lot of things are starting up over here (CrossView), so I'm trying to find my way without compromising my walk with God, marriage, children, energy, sanity, etc.

It was nice hanging out with you and Caleb on Sat :)

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