Monday, January 20, 2014

A tree firmly planted...

Yesterday's sermon was a great reminder of what it means to be a grown christian. Pastor Ed talked about a lot of things through Psalm 1:1-3 but there were two quotes that stuck to my soul!!

1. What you delight in will direct your path. 

That's so true. We humans love to delight in so many things. Many times those delights are the reasons why we make those difficult and important life decisions. But as a believer is my delight The Lord? Is my decisions in life based on this delight or am I allowing other things to take that role? Some times other delights are not sinful or wrong, but if it takes over my life and it's my main delight...that's when it becomes an idolatry. 2 Corinth 13:5 tells me to examine myself. And I need to constantly do this bc my heart is deceitful and I am prideful. Do you see any delight that might be sinful?

2. The storms in life will show you how rooted you are. 

It's easy to love Jesus when all is going well. It's easy to obey Jesus when there's no pressure to go against Him. I love and hate storms. It hurts and I'm sad when storms come, but it also helps me see Jesus more. It's through the storms that I'm refined and tested. But it's also through the storms I can witness Him calming it. I've grown the most through the storms and God has shined brighter as well. 

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