Monday, January 27, 2014

The Bible and only the Bible

Alex talked about how the Bible is inspired, trustworthy, clear, sufficient, and authoritative and it made me realize how precious and blessed Christians are to have such a book. People say the Bible is God's love letter to His children and yet so many Christians do not read it. 

God uses His word to show His children what sin is, and the Holy Spirit convicts them of their sins from His word. It's amazing that His children do not understand the beauty of Scripture. We desire to be more like Jesus yet we don't read His word. We are suppose to strive for holiness but we fail to find out what holiness is according to His word. 

I want to love Scripture and truly see what He says in it. I want to make time for God to speak to me, for me to meditate what He has to say. I want to chew on the truth and allow it to change me with me thoughts and my behavior. Oh I pray that I truly enjoy scripture knowing it's one way God uses to grow me to be more like Jesus. 

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