Thursday, July 24, 2014

2nd day meant exploring as many beaches as possible.

Today hubby wanted to go snorkeling which was a start of a fun filled day of each hopping. We planned to go to the famous Hanauma Bay but God had other plans for us. He wanted us to see more of His glory through His creation. 

First stop was Makai Research Pier. The girls didn't like it too much here bc of the rocks but we still had fun waiting for daddy. 

Since it was a bit gloomy hubby couldn't see well under water. So off we went to the next destination...Lanikai Beach. 
The girls loved this beach, it was soooo clean and by far the best beach thus far. But it had waves and the girls didn't like that too much, instead they had fun with the sand. 

Afterwards we headed to this yummy pancake place that we heard about. We had to wait about an hour but it was oh so worth is. 

We are now refueled with energy and we went on another adventure to a new beach. While driving there we decided to enjoy Oahu and it's beauty in nature. Just seeing everything makes me feel so small and to know God knows my name is just amazing. 

We reached our 3rd "beach" but it wasn't really a beach but just a walk way to the water. Hubby went snorkeling while me and the girls took a walk and chilled in the car. 

So we headed to the last beach for the girls, Ala Manao Beach Park which was so perfect for them. Clean and no waves. They truly enjoyed that beach and pretty sure we will head back to that mean again. 

We make plans everyday, especially on vacation but God taught me today that no matter how small it may seem...His plan is perfect and good. 

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My name is Frances said...

Looks fun! Miss you guys! Play "beached whale" for me...i'll explain when you get back :D

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