Saturday, July 26, 2014

3rd day and a bit relaxing.

Since are girls are no longer babies (sob sob) we wanted to go on a little hiking adventure. Ok just kidding hubby wanted to go on this adventure. So we have me some options of hiking and I chose an "easy" hike that was about 1 mike long. I saw old ladies coming down from the path so I figured it wasn't that hard...and it wasn't really hard but just a bit muddy and slippery which caused climbing little rocks more challenging. 

K was not having it. She kept complaining her shoes were getting dirty and she was tired. 

S was loving it. She wanted me to take so many pictures of her and K just wanted to look at the view. 

About an hour of walking we finally made it to the water fall. It was so beautiful and glad we were able to do this as a family. 

"My arm is our selfie-stick" -- Hubby

Walking back was a bit harder bc gravity is against you and having slippery and muddy rocks to climb down from is a bit trying. But we made it alive. 

After our hike we headed to Bob's Bar-B-Que which is a must if you visit Oahu. Then headed back to Hyatt for some r&r. The girls and I went downstairs to participate with their free lei flower making while hubby resting. (He's feeling the burn on his skin from snorkeling). 

And our last stop was Ala Manao Beacj but we went on the other side (not close to the harbor) and it was no bueno. Too many rocks in the water but still a calm beach. 

I remember 7 years ago when Caleb and I got married, I was thinking that going on vacation would never happen because he was just working at Whole Foods and I was at UCI. I figured going on vacation would need a lot of $$$$ or maybe signing up for a timeshare (which we contemplated but never did). But God showed me He can provide not only what we need but we desired.  We don't spend a lot of $$$$ for trips. Our hotel is free (7 days) and our flight was only $150 each I believe. God allowed us to learn other ways to go around spending $$$$ to be able to go on family vacation and for that I am truly truly grateful. 

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