Thursday, July 24, 2014

First full day in Oahu

This is my second time in Oahu and of course we used points for our hotel and this ends our long trip of stay/layover which started with our NY trip. 

Our first visit here our youngest was still in diapers so we decided to not go to Pearl Harbor Memorial. But now that we have school kids, a little history lesson would be good for them. We didn't know how they would take the story of what happened there long time ago but I also knew they did well at the 9/11 memorial. 

We got there bright and early since we are still in Cali time zone which was a blessing because we didn't have to wait too long to go to the memorial (just 2 hours). But within those two hours we explored a submarine and learned a lot about submarines. 

Going inside this submarine allowed us to see first hand how the navy personnel lived and sacrificed personal space. It was SUPER small inside and I have mad respect anyone who lived in one. 

This is where the missile goes in. Behind me were four beds and I guess those are the ppl who are in charge of the missiles. 

It was hard to believe so many ppl lived inside for a good amount of time. It was hard enough walking around with other tourist and we only had to deal with about 4 near us. 

Here are some other shots of the submarine. 

Here's a model of the sub that we walked through. Didn't realized it was so long. 

On deck the girls enjoyed pretending to be sailors. 

Finally noon hit and we watched a documentary about December 7, 1941. Then we went on a boat and headed to the USS Arizona Memorial, they built this memorial in top of the ship that sank and you can still see some of the old boat below the memorial. It was so sad to think about the 1177 men who died on that ship instantly within the 2 hours of raid.  More than 2400 died that day. 

That rusty circle behind this plaque is part of the ship that's below the ocean. 

After our history lesson we decided to explore diamond head area. 

Well that's all folks. Hope you enjoyed hearing and seeing a bit of God's goodness in our lives. 


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