Sunday, July 27, 2014

4th day...sea animals and overrated luau.

Another day of exploring the island. We wanted to go to Hanauma Bay again but unfortunately it was full (maybe it was unfortunate after all) because we decided to head Turtle Bay instead. 

Here's a view near Hanauma Bay. 

Turtle Bay was a time of looking for shells and animals and not so much for playing in the water. Right when we got to the beach S spotted a big turtle chilling near the shore. He blended with the rocks but we spotted him but sadly I wasn't fast enough to take a picture. Hubby headed out to snorkel while us girls stayed on shore. 

Shells, small but not in pieces. 

The little dot in the water is hubby seeing turtles and cool fishes. 

Us girls saw a lot of little fishes near the shore and crabs. 

We got over the beach quickly because it was a hot day and both me and hubby are red. Praise God that the girls didn't get burned. So we headed to the famous Place which honestly is overrated and over priced. 

The little shows were cool and entertaining. Our girls enjoyed the dancing and the hula. Here is the canoe presentation that show cases all the islands. 


Getting a fresh coconut to drink and eat is always a plus. 

The different island activities were ok. I do think those activities are not worth the expensive entrance fee. 

(Yes he can be Derek's Reyes twin brother)

But the island buffet and the luau (which didn't feel like a luau but a big production show) was not worth the $260 we dropped to spend a 4-5 hour day here. We couldn't even take pictures during the show and honestly it was boring and long. They did have a story line which was ok but it was way too long and it ended around 9:30 and if you have a hotel in Waikiki then it's like a 1.5 hour drive back. 

More importantly it's a Mormon facility. So the $$ that we spent goes to the Mormon community and to their mission. I wasn't too happy about that, if we knew beforehand this fact that they leave out then we wouldn't have given money to them to be able to further their cause. So spread the word to those who plan on going so they know where their money is going too. 

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