Friday, July 18, 2014

Not my will

Being a domestic advisor for two clients is pretty demanding. I need to plan their day, book appointments for them, set times where and when they see their friends, and of course make sure their happy. It's a tough job and it never ends but it's also a joyous job. 

But with these planning different activities I tend to forget that God is sovereign. I just assume things will go according to my plan and how and when I want it to happen. 

Praise Jesus for allowing me to have great quiet time and devotion to meditate that He is in control of everything...even our little outings. It's so easy to get frustrated and angry when things do not go according to plan, like today, but He calmed my heart and reminded me "if The Lord wills then...." He humbled my agenda, my time line, my planner. He reminded me of His goodness and Hos love for me even when things do not happen the way I expected. And for that I am truly grateful. 

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