Monday, April 11, 2016


Decision making can be difficult.  I always fear that I would make the wrong decision because I either didn't see all the options or even I didn't listen to I was suppose to listen to.  You can pray about a decision and wait on the Lord regarding that situation but I don't believe that God verbally talks to you in a voice so that you know exactly what to do.  Before it seemed easier to make those life changing decisions.  What college, major, grad school or even who to marry.  They weren't quick decisions too but they came easy for me to make and at the end of each decision I was at total peace.  God has been showing me more of His grace with decision making. 

Lately there has been peace, my heart still tugs towards something else.  Actually there was peace in the beginning but I don't know if it's because I was forcing myself to feel the peace since we made a decision against what I wanted and I knew I needed to trust in my husband lead...or if it was genuine peace.  Couple of months into it, the peace that was once there is slowly disappearing and it's hard to stay focus.  What does this mean? Did we make a wrong decision? Is this Satan attacking us so we are crippled with doing nothing?  I don't know.  Usually I go to someone to help me talk this out and figure this out biblically...but lately it's been a lonely road for me. 

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